Projects to tackle around your home before winter

With fall now arriving, we know winter will not be far behind. That means it’s time to start

prepping your home for the cold temperatures. Inside and out, this list will give you a few

ideas of what projects to begin first.


Starting with the interior of your home, the focus for fall projects is safety, warmth, and

comfort through the winter season.

1. Plumbing: Check all the pipes around your home looking for leaks, blockages, or

cracks. Be sure to deal with any issues that may cause pipe freezing or bursts with the

colder weather. Call a professional if needed.

2. Heating: Having proper heat is a must for Canadian winters. Change out air filters,

check your thermostat, and if you heat with wood, stock up. You should also have

your furnace and fireplace professionally cleaned and inspected to make sure

everything is in working order.

3. Smoke detectors: House fires increase in the fall and winter as we start to heat our

homes. Test all smoke alarms monthly and change the batteries when needed.

4. Draft-proof: When windows and doors produce a draft, the furnace must work extra

hard and for longer to continue to keep things warm. Weatherstrip or caulk any areas

that are drafty to keep the heat in and the cool air out.

5. Ceiling fan: Adjust your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise. This helps draw up cooler

air that’s near the floor, forcing the warmer air near the ceiling down and making the

room feel warmer. Adjust the thermostat accordingly to lessen the use of your heat



When focusing on the exterior of your home, these fall projects help prepare you for winter,

keep your landscape clean, and keep your family warm.

1. Sealing cracks: Take a walk around the exterior of your home and look for any

cracks in the foundation, near your windows or doors, on walls and on your driveway.

Seal those cracks to prevent moisture from entering your home or from getting into

your driveway where it can freeze and create larger cracks.

2. Removal of debris: Falling leaves and branches, along with dirt and other debris, can

gather around your home and on your roof. Clean out your gutters, rake and bag your

fallen leaves and pick up or cut down any branches that may cause issues over winter.

3. Preparing tools: Give your summer yard tools, like your lawn mower and whipper

snipper, a final clean before storing them away. Check your shovels, snow blower,

and ice melt buckets to make sure all are working and ready to go for the first


4. Lawn maintenance: Prepping your lawn in the fall can give your lawn a head start

come spring. Winterize your sprinklers and hoses to avoid bursting pipes and mow,

aerate, and spread seed on your lawn to promote healthy growth in the spring.

5. Repair: If you notice loose boards on your deck or a railing that may be dangerous,

take the time to secure and repair them now, especially in well-used areas of your

home where slipping and falling may occur.

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