New Year’s home goals: Top 5 renovations to add value to your home

Start your new year off right by creating home renovation goals to complete by the end of the year. Think of projects that could help with the functionality of your home, could improve the value when selling, or just projects that you've put aside. 

Need some inspiration? Compare what your home needs to this list of top projects and get ready to start your first New Year’s reno task!

Exterior improvements: Installing outdoor lighting, planting trees for privacy, creating a new walkway, or spreading fresh mulch are all small projects that can help maximize your property. Choosing to update your landscape will also help with first impressions of your home when it’s on the market.

Bathroom remodel: Creating a functional space in your bathroom, while also making it clean and esthetically pleasing is a big plus for your home’s value. Try adding new fixtures and lighting, upgrading the vanity and storage, replacing flooring and painting to freshen up the space. 

Outdoor living space: Patios, wooden decks, outdoor kitchens and fire pits are all considered an additional outdoor living space. If you have the property for an outdoor add-on, you can improve the chances of selling your home faster, all while enjoying your new outdoor oasis.

Basement remodel: A finished basement adds usable space to your home, but when looking at increasing your value, be mindful of how defined your space is. Keeping it open concept and easily changeable for a buyer to create different uses for the space is more appealing than a room that has to be used a certain way. 

Window replacement: Replacing and adding new windows to your home can be a big and costly job, but it can have a higher return rate, depending on the design. Choose windows based on the style to match your home and opt for framing and glass that’s more energy efficient. Not sure which ones to replace? Pick windows in rooms that are used most often, like your kitchen or living room to get you started.

Speaking of kitchens, if you can afford a kitchen remodel, this project is among the most popular updates for a home. But if you’re renovating to sell, you’d be better off giving your existing kitchen a refresh rather than a full update as your choices for style and materials may not be what a buyer wants. It’s common for an owner to update the kitchen to sell only to have the new owner rip it out and re-do it. But if you’re doing it mostly for you, a new kitchen will give you much enjoyment.


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