Having a spare room is a blessing and a curse; you can create a unique and usable space to enjoy or it can quickly become a messy dumping ground where the door always remains shut. Transforming your spare room can not only add more functionality to your home, it can also help declutter other spaces. 

Ready to change up your spare room but aren’t sure what you should turn it into? Here’s a list of five options that will help turn your spare room into something unique for your family.

Guest bedroom: If you like to entertain guests and host parties or are looking to grow your family in the future, a guest bedroom may be your best option. An extra bedroom gives guests privacy, comfort and a dedicated space over having to pull out air mattresses and sofa beds when they stay the night. 

Planning to sell in the future? A guest bedroom can help add value to your home and increase the selling price.

Home library: Collections of books and knickknacks can start to drown out other shelves and rooms in your home, so why not dedicate a space just for them? Creating a relaxing reading room with bookcases, comfy seating, appropriate lighting and art on the walls can give you the perfect oasis to escape with a good book.

Family game room: Instead of taking over your living room or dining room table during family game nights, head to your spare room. This entertainment space could be used by both the adults and children in your home, so make sure to feature games and stations for the whole family to enjoy. Add in a drink cabinet, a table and storage units for games and puzzles, and a speaker system for music while you entertain.

Multi-purpose room: Creating a multi-purpose room can help minimize clutter in other rooms and combine tasks or interests together in one space that works for your family. Whether that may be adding a sofa bed with storage and workout equipment or creating a workspace for working from home and art studio supplies, a multi-purpose room can be anything you imagine. 

Walk-in closet: Every fashionista’s dream is to have a walk-in closet; a spare room makes that possible! Turning a spare room into a walk-in closet pulls messy drawers and thrown-together closets out of the bedroom and gives them space to breathe. It can include dressers, closets, hooks and other storage spaces for your clothing. Complete the space with oversized mirrors, a vanity and bench, and some artwork. 

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